The Surf and Scallop Project

Have you ever wondered why some people get so obsessive about food?

For me it goes beyond simply being hungry – it’s more about curiosity: curiosity to try different flavours, different textures and different interpretations of food.

I was always one to explore food – my friends would reprimand me when I’d pop something I had little clue about, into my mouth – ready to take the risk. But I wouldn’t turn back as this is one of the best ways to acquire a food memory.  I believe being surprised or shocked by unexpected flavours and textures is positive, and will enhance creativity for recipe making. Besides, as we age, we have fewer and fewer taste buds, and those we have become less sensitive as the nerves that send taste signals to our brain wear out over time. There is absolutely no excuse for not starting to experiment with food

In London, I am constantly faced with every cuisine imaginable, specialist food markets and levels of creativity and interpretation of dishes, that I begin to wonder if its food at all.

But it’s hard to keep up with all that London has to offer – it can become exhausting and at times, daunting.  And unsustainable.

So today I set myself an objective: to keep my mind curious by continuing to explore London’s best-known food spots and most importantly, to make my discoveries easy to achieve in the kitchen – both yours and mine.

The blog is sure to give you inspiration for where to eat in London and will provide you with my own super easy recipes for the busy city-dweller inspired by some of my favourite places. Hopefully, it will serve to ease my restless conquests and encourage yours to spiral out of control. Enjoy!


  1. Mada says:

    Looking forward to the scoops!

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    1. Thanks Mada! 🙂


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