Nopi is the brainchild of Ottolenghi (which I will also be reviewing in a fortnight). Also serving Mediterranean cuisine, the concept of Nopi differs from Ottolenghi’s delis in that it exhumes finesse. Whilst Nopi is divided into two floors, with the intention of offering two diverse environments, I will be talking about the ground floor, Nopi’s more formal sitting.

DSC_0721As you enter Nopi, you are struck by glossy, white marble tiles, exposed white brick walls, and touches of golden brass. You’re greeted by very polite staff, with an emphasis on attentiveness and formality. However, the formality is subdued by certain Ottolenghi trademarks such as displayed salad platters and bread loaves, not too far from the entrance.


The food and drinks menu is intriguing, clearly paying homage to Middle Eastern flavours. You have the option of choosing plates to share, or mains and sides. We decided to go for sharing plates and two sides. This review will cover the two sharing plates which intrigued us the most: the Quail with miso, braised chicory, chicharron and verjus and the Burrata with peach, coriander seeds and verjus. 

The Burrata was interesting although I found that the flavours weren’t as well integrated. You’d have a bite of burrata with coriander seeds which created an interesting texture, the latter being crunchy and the former being creamy. However, there were instances when you would get bites of burrata which would taste of little more than milk. The peaches were delicious, however I felt that they too were separate from the rest of the dish.


The quail was accompanied by a medley of flavours and textures: from the slightly acidic taste of the verjus to hints of sweet grapes and miso, to crunchy bits of savoury chicharron (or pork scratchings). I felt that whilst the burrata had similar intentions in that it paired sweet with savoury, and crunchy with smooth textures, the pairing of the ingredients for the quail dish worked marvellously well.


Overall, the dining experience was very good but considering the price, I would have hoped for a little more. I would still love to go back to try the Valdeón cheesecake and the Koji rainbow trout!

As the quail was my favourite dish, I chosen it as my next source of inspiration. Look out for my quail recipe next week!!